Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unus Mundus and Moon Goddess

Meaningful coincidence happens by the fact that both observer and connected event ultimately stem from the same source, the Unus Mundus. On March 19, the moon's orbit will make its closest approach to Earth in 18 years while at the same time be in full phase. Such a coincidence has been named a "SuperMoon". Some people predict all kinds of weather and natural hazard mayhem, including strong earthquakes, around the time of the Supermoon. 

Unus Mundus is Latin for “one world”, is a term which refers to the concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and returns to. It was popularized by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. About 25 years ago I made a few wooden (rosewood, cherry, boxwood, etc) pieces with mother of pearl faces and called them Unus Mundus. Around the same time period I made about 30 wood pieces and called them Moon Goddesses”. They usually had moonstone or mother of pearl bellies or faces. Perhaps it is time for the return of the all powerful Moon Goddess and Unus Mundus.

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