Apprentices and Study

Job Description:
Jewelry designer and/or Product Developer, Apprentice

K Robins Designs is looking for jewelry designers (apprentices or staff) with passion for   women’s spirituality, women and gender studies, multicultural symbols and/or world religion. All aspects of jewelry design and/or visionary art for design are helpful.  Especially what is needed is understanding and experience in polishing, wax carving and product development.

We are a small family owned and operated business specializing in symbolic jewelry. Our focus is on women’s empowerment, building bridges and spiritual growth.
Currently most of our designs are handcrafted by artist K Robins. New apprentices are adding to the line slowly but surely. The designs span a wide range of emotions and archetypal images based on lifetimes of study and experience.
Please study the website to learn more about our mission and work.
We are looking for women with passion and creativity  to infuse our business with new design ideas and concepts along with maintaining and expanding our well established line of symbolic designs.
Skills and experience that would be helpful:
  • Silver polishing, use of tools and equipment
  • Wax carving and mold making
  • Design and product development 
  • Computer marketing 
Payment for services:
  • Hourly - based on production and skill
  • Commission - based on sale of products
  • live-in work /study - based on production, design and compatibility
Request application:
  • References are required.  

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