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Sophia is Greek for wisdom and a central term in Orthodox, Esoteric, Mystic and Gnostic Christianity. We thought it appropriate to use the name Sophia's Garden, as our world needs to nurture true wisdom. 

Mission: Through Sophia Gatherings we will attempt to educate and inspire people about symbols as Tools for Transformation. In the comfort and nurturing environment of our homes, women passionate about the health our diverse multicultural world, will talk about the healing qualities of symbols and their own intimate experiences with them. Through the spoken word we will share the inspiration & history behind symbols and using movement, graphics and other participatory tools we will experiment with The Language of Symbols.

Each gathering will be hosted in someone’s home. Sophia (rep) & the Host will figure out how their gathering will go using a number of ideas from the Sophia Tool Box. Things like: gathering in a circle and passing the talking stick ; playing a trivia game about symbols and winning coupons to use for purchases; using Sophia Cards for direction, guidance & fun; moving to the body language of symbols; partaking in nutritious food and drink; acquiring ( buying , trading) new symbolic jewelry to use for oneself or give to another.

We would love for a portion of the money from sales of the KRD line of symbolic jewelry go to a good cause, in this country or another. EX. Girls on the Run, Beads for Life.

Want more information about how you can get involved? For complete information:  Download this PDF file .

Third Gathering.
This gathering was held in Asheville NC. Our second Sophia, Vivie Bernard, arranged the event. We are waiting to hear her report and see her photos.

Second gathering (Kathryn's).
My office manager Kathryn Ponn Mueller hosted the second gathering with Colleen as our Sophia. It was a fabulous gathering of an interesting mix of mostly women from Kathryn's neighborhood.

This gathering was especially special as my two daughters ( Leila and Rita) attended. They spoke about the early days of their mom in the basement madly working on something they did not quite understand and then, over the years, being able to give gifts of symbolic pendants to their friends. Colleen's mom was also there, along with Colleen's baby , making this a wonderful mother and child event.

Leila, our caterer (and my daughter) for this gathering, impressing the KRD staff (Betsy, Kathryn and Melissa) with her Australian blogsite Tablenosh

Some of our guests looking at brochures.
First Gathering (Rita's).
Our first gathering was hosted by my daughter, Rita, in her home. Our first Sophia (wisewoman) is Colleen Malikian. The gathering  was an interesting mix of mostly women and two young men. We went around the circle and spoke just briefly about a few designs then moved on to trying out the  trivia game. We  gave out many coupons which they promptly used buying pendants. It was fun, Colleen and Rita did a great job.

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Kathryn said...

The Sophia Garden Party was so much fun! Not only did we learn about K's creative process but we captured the deeper meaning within the symbolism. This really makes wearing your pendant and giving more meaningful. And my neighbors and friends thoroughly enjoyed learning and discovering the perfect gifts for friends and family. We all enjoyed Leila's delightful delicacies and the sharing in community!These home shows are a wonderful idea.