Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From K's Sister

Welcome to our new blog at K Robins Designs. We have been wanting to do this for several years, so here we go. I am K's sister, Sidney and I will be the one urging K to write, reply, etc. Also, you might just see posts from me, Kathryn, Betsy, Melissa, Kelsey - all of us work for K (not full-time, since this is a small business, but believe me, we are fully engaged). Anyway, this has been a somewhat strange last year. The loss of our mom has prompted changes - one of them being a move. The 'journey' to the Rockfish Valley Community Center has been an adventure, but we are settled in and finally settling down. I will let the other ladies talk more about that, if they wish.
Anyway, we will be posting happenings in the Studio at RVCC, new designs coming up, your comments and other things as we also learn more about blogging. We so appreciate your sharing your stories about the wearing and giving of K's designs. We have received so many beautiful stories in the past and they are all heartfelt and inspiring. Now we want to start sharing with you.

LOTUS - I have been wearing CHANGER for years and years, but this year, for some reason, Lotus started calling to me. I guess after Mom's death and some of the personal and physical struggles I have had in the past few years, it became more about opening up my heart and soul to others and new possibilities. For many years, I had been drawn to Changer - it had been about changing and facilitating change in the world - it still is, but I realized there is now a new dimension - thus,Lotus feels right to me now. Sidney