Thursday, January 6, 2011

Symbolic Language

I am going to begin to write a little about my experience with symbols. I have been creating and  working (consciously) with them for over 25 years. Sometimes I use familiar symbols, sometimes I combine symbols or join them together to see what the effect is and  and sometime I invent my own. I am always aware that simple lines are one key element to a symbol that works.  When I get it right there is an "aha" moment. I have found that symbols/shapes appear in different cultures and ages that are precisely the same. For example: square, circle, triangle, spiral, star, oval ,cross. After many years of working with symbols I was delighted to discover the work of Angeles Arrien. She has researched familiar shapes and symbols and I find her work  informative to me as I try to understand my own work.

Finding a symbol that resonates with you can have the effect of striking a tuning fork. The vibrations realign (or jar) your emotional body. Upon viewing a symbol that uses sacred geometry to establish its lines along with intention you may feel an emotional response pleasant or unpleasant. A symbol that works it is much like music and harmony. When a musical instrument is in tune it is pleasant to listen to and it can move molecules (or the listener) in an organized or (emotional) way.  When a symbol is just right for you it resonates with you and can move you. Different symbols can reach you or move you at different times in your life journey.

I have noticed that sometimes people cry when they look at some of my work. That is because I think the symbols are working on that level I just spoke of (kind of like music). It is fascinating to me as I sometime cry also when I get it just right.

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