Monday, July 26, 2010

Matzu - Goddess of the Sea

Sea Goddess Matzu is on sale at half-price for a limited time or until we run out.   This sale is only being announced on Facebook, so forward to your friends.

We hope that Matzu will serve as a graceful  reminder of the importance of respecting and caring for our precious seas. 

Find out more about Matzu (Mazu) on our Guardians of the Sea page on our Blog. Click here to visit Matzu and purchase her on our website (
or call us at1-434-361-2128.

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K Robins said...

If you do a search on New Zealand Fish Hook or Maori art images you will find an a beautiful collection of fish hooks. They are very graceful and inspiring. While our Matzu piece (apprentice Jessica Roelofs and me) is similar to this art it is meant to have more of the qualities of a mermaid not a hook and has a very specific whale tail. Please read up on Maori art. k